Our Projects

We’re here to do more than just a job. This team takes pride in their work, and we are 100% invested in getting every job done right.

Here’s what people say about us.

“Whatever it is you need done and doing, you won’t be disappointed. From the time I first used Parry’s Painting in 2016, I’ have been thoroughly impressed and haven’t looked back. I’ve learned that sometimes the bigger, flashier companies can let you down and often the family run companies can be your best bet. In any case, this one has.”

Roberts Developments

“As a property investor, i’m heavily involved with professionals that can provide me the services I need quickly and efficiently to turn over rental properties. Parry’s Painting did an excellent job, first doing residential painting, now on a larger scale, as well as painting of my commercial property, but later followed by other services such as maintenance and waterproofing on the odd occasion.”

Brent Henry

“I’ve worked with Ricky from Parry’s Painting over the past five years. The thing I like about him is how accommodating he is; constantly willing to help out with myself and my clients. As a Real Estate Agent, it’s important that each time prepared perfectly. No job is too big or too small for Ricky to take on. He makes a concerted effort to communicate well with my clients which is important for me as it provides a better result for them.”

Brent Bastin, Tremains